What is Apex Motorsport?

Apex Motorsport is a company dedicated to being a one-stop shop whether that is OEM or aftermarket parts. Apex Motorsport is a cutting-edge organization dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the world of high-performance racing as well as street applications. With a passion for speed, precision, and innovation, Apex Motorsport competes at the highest level in various racing disciplines. Apex Motorsport strives to dominate the track as well as display uniquely modified vehicles on the street. We embody the spirit of competition and continuously evolve to stay ahead of the competition, constantly seeking new ways to enhance their performance and deliver thrilling racing experiences to customers across the US. Apex Motorsport is synonymous with excellence, precision, and a relentless pursuit of victory in the fast-paced world of automotive vehicles.

F8X M2/M3/M4

Where it all started