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NGK Spark Plug set for BMW E9x M3 (Pack of 8)

NGK Spark Plug set for BMW E9x M3 (Pack of 8)

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Product Information

Set of 8 spark plugs

If your BMW is suffering from poor performance or seems to be hesitating under acceleration there is a good chance that your spark plugs may need replacing. Per BMW, spark plugs on your M3 need to be replaced every 37,500 miles. These NGK plugs are the same G Power LKR8AP spark plugs installed in the factory and sold as replacement parts by BMW.

Spark Plug Kit

Maintaining your car at suggested service intervals will result in a better performance and improved fuel economy, which is why we suggest changing your spark plugs at the manufacturers suggested service intervals and be sure to check their condition for any warning signs of failure. If your vehicle isn't operating at peak performance it may be time to replace your spark plugs.

Spark Plug Kit Failure Symptoms
  • Misfiring
  • Check Engine Light
  • Hesitation
  • Loss of Power
  • Poor Fuel Economy

About NGK

NGK is a world leader in spark plug technology. You will find NGK spark plugs in nearly every vehicle application, from high performance racing cars to glow plugs for heavy-duty diesel engines to street vehicles from the world's leading automotive manufacturers. NGK products offer a blend of superior performance characteristics at various price points to match your application and budget.

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